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Sep 13, 2017

Host Tara Bay introduces you to Jane Doe, the subject of Larkspur Underground. In late January 2014, Jane’s body was discovered alone with almost a dozen other murder victims in an underground killing complex outside the tiny town of Larkspur, Colorado. When police started to remove her body from the facility, they were startled to discover she was still alive. She was clinging to life and unable to communicate. Jane was airlifted to Denver for urgent medical care, where she remained in a coma for weeks. When she woke, she began to speak, unveiling hints of the horrors she’d been forced to endure for years.

She’d been there while every victim was killed, forced to watch and document it all for a man known only as The Scientist. During the course of her therapy sessions with authorities, she made a stunning revelation that ultimately led to her arrest and conviction for murder.

In our first episode, we’ll give you an overview of Jane’s story and a broad picture of the ordeal she faced. Over the course of this season, we’ll examine how Jane Doe fell into this madman’s clutches, how she didn’t deserve to stand trial for role in his depraved acts, and ultimately, her path to redemption and release from prison.

Tara Kramer as Tara Bay
Aleksandra Bienkowska as Jessica Laughton
Rebekah Tripp as Jane Doe
Buck Zachary as Sheriff Horton
Federico Angel as Inspector Baez
The Newscasters: Gordon Highland & Molly Calhoun
Michael Paul Gonzalez as Michael Madera
Music by Gordon Highland