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Jun 7, 2018

Tara Bay was able to upload some final thoughts prior to entering police custody. We should have a larger update for you next week. 

Tara Kramer as Tara Bay
Music by Gordon Highland

Apr 11, 2018

Hey listeners. Tara here. I'm updating the feed on my own today  due to some... let's say legal logistics with the station. Not sure how long they'll leave this up, so download it quick and tell your friends. There was an incident with Dusty during our phone interview. Our legal team probably won't want this aired, but...

Mar 28, 2018

Charlene "Dusty" Fowler, AKA Jane Doe, has her first interview with Tara Bay since becoming a free woman. Tara wants to explore how she's adapting to life on the outside, and to give Dusty the chance to talk about important things she discovered while a prisoner of the serial killer known as the Scientist. 


Mar 14, 2018

Host Tara Bay is back, detailing the harrowing final days of Jane Doe in the underground killing facility. We search for clues left behind by the final victims, and stay with Jane Doe as she finally breaks under the pressure of The Scientist. A warning to sensitive listeners - this episode contains explicit audio...